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Nonprotocol Medicine and Dentistry is an approach of individualized priorities and sequence. It employs all of the treatment techniques used in both traditional and holistic medicine. Additionally, it includes neural therapy, root canal extractions and cavitation surgery, detoxification, and mental-emotional work.


An excellent article has been written on the subject by (and reprinted here with permission of) Dr. Ann McCombs and Dr. LaVar Riniker.


You may read excerpts below, or click here to read the full article.


Excerpts from Nonprotocol Medicine & Dentistry

by LaVar Riniker, DDS, and Ann McCombs, DO


“As we explore a ‘new’ relationship between medicine and dentistry, we are obviously saying ‘new’ in jest, as medicine and dentistry had concomitant origins. The first physicians were no doubt the first dentists, as they treated the whole body, which included extracting teeth when necessary.”

“In many instances, [Harvard, John Hopkins, and Yale] not official medical schools; but, following the apprenticeship approach. They were the early training grounds for physicians in the U.S. A lot of medical information continued to come from Europe, mostly because Europe was from whence our ancestors came.”

”Homeopathy, neural therapy, probiotic/ isopathic therapy, electroacupuncture, etc. have become most recently available in the U.S. via such world-class instructors as Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D.”

“Not until a German physician (Dr. Voll) actually traced these electrical pathways (acupuncture meridians) and proved their existence, however, did western medicine finally begin to use them and see their value.”

“Today, many massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others have been taught the basics of osteopathic cranial-sacral therapy.”

“The same teeth that sustain the energy meridians of the body's electrical system are also mechanically and structurally very key structures and must be in-tune (in balance) with the rest of the body.”

“The Americanization of medicine separated these specialties so significantly that physicians and dentists must now work together in order to treat these problems successfully, because the structure and function of the mouth is so interrelated with the structure and function of the whole body.”

“Prior to most of the above dental procedures, people need to have their immune systems boosted to have these dental procedures be successful.”