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Case Studies


Anna's Case

The medical history of a woman born in 1952 whose funeral was being planned in 1995 because of her deteriorating and seemingly hopeless health condition. It details her recovery in six month intervals starting in 1996. It includes both her perspective and hard data in the form of lab reports.


Frank's Case

The medical history of a man born in 1944 who was warned by his doctor that he could be facing death if he didn’t approach his life differently. It details his recovery in six month intervals starting in 1998.


Chelita's Story: A Cancer Survivor

Three years in the life of an adult female after she was diagnosed by her surgeons with terminal adenocarcinoma and mesothelioma, and given one day to live.


Jill's Story: Overcoming Fibromyalgia

The story of a woman who suffered fibromyalgia for two decades, during which time she was unable to receive any relief from traditional allopathic medicine.  After following a non-protocol treatment, her symptoms disappeared in a period of six months.